Wax Melts

  • $28.00

Now all of our your favorite scents are available in wax melts!  These wax melts can be used in wax warmers so you can get all of the best smells without the flames.  Perfect for spaces in which candles cannot be burned!  Wax melts bundle is a pack of 4 clamshells.  Please select your four choices from the dropdown menus. As always, you are able to enter the name of your favorite teacher for every wax pack you purchase!

Melt Time: 60+ Hours

Ingredients: Coconut Wax, six block clamshell, and Phthalate-Free Fragrance

  • All natural coconut wax
  • Natural essential oils, premium phthalate-free fragrance oil
  • Hand-poured in small batches
  • Eco-friendly and clean melting
  • Paraffin free 


Quick Scent Guide:

Winter Break: Earthy Cypress · Refreshing Bayberry

After School Snack: Warm Cinnamon Buns · Vanilla Icing

Snow Day: Decadent Peppermint Bark

Fall Festival: Freshly Baked Pumpkin Souffle

Homecoming: Cozy Cashmere · Woodsy Cedar

Bookworm: Mouthwatering Apple Cider Donut

All Nighter: Earthy Oakmoss · Rich Amber

Class Act: Refreshing White Tea · Herbal Spice

Class Clown: Sugary Fruit Loops

Class Party: Luscious Vanilla Cake · Buttercream Icing

Detention: Warm Tobacco · Sweet Bay Leaf

Field Trip: Crisp Sea Salt · Calming Orchid

Hall Pass: Fresh Coconut · Tranquil Bamboo

Recess: Fresh Lavender · Woodsy White Sage

School Daze: Freshly Brewed Coffee

Teacher's Pet: Tangy Grapefruit · Sweet Mangosteen