Why Coconut Wax?


When we set out to create our candles, we knew we wanted to ensure our candle had room filling scent, the cleanest possible burn, and responsibly sourced materials.  When we compared waxes to make our candles with, we learned a lot about the different types. Let's break it down (outline style for all my teacher homies):


Popular for many reasons including:

  • very inexpensive
  • holds color and scent very well
  • easy to come by

Why we don't use paraffin:

  • derived from petroleum and is a by-product of the oil industry
  • doesn't burn clean which creates very sooty candles
  • burns quickly
  • has the potential to release toxic chemicals into the air
  • highly unsustainable; made from non-renewable resource (oil)



Popular for many reasons including:

  • very inexpensive
  • more environmentally friendly than paraffin (although not by much!)
  • burns slowly
  • cleaner burn

Why we don't use soy:

  • byproduct of soybean industry which is a concern due to deforestation
  • doesn't have a strong scent throw
  • burns longer than paraffin, but quicker than coconut wax
  • can look unpleasant and include bumps and blemishes



Unpopular with candlemakers for this reason:

  • more expensive per pound (but totally worth the price to us!)

Why we use coconut:

  • holds scent extremely well
  • cleanest burn (minimal soot) and no toxic chemicals
  • burns slowly so you'll enjoy your candle longer than any other wax
  • beautifully smooth candles
  • most eco friendly; organic harvesting process
  • coconuts are a sustainable high-yield crop