Wholesale Orders

We are unique for two main reasons:

Why we use coconut wax!  We love coconut wax because:

  • holds scent extremely well
  • cleanest burn (minimal soot) and no toxic chemicals
  • burns slowly so you'll enjoy your candle longer than any other wax
  • beautifully smooth candles
  • most eco friendly; organic harvesting process
  • coconuts are a sustainable high-yield crop

We Donate to Teachers and you get to choose your favorites!

With each candle purchased, you are eligible to enter your favorite teacher in a drawing to win a surprise check sent directly to them.  There's only one requirement for teachers receiving checks: use the money however they'd like! This is different than other educator gifts that are meant for teachers to use on classroom supplies.  This gift is meant to show teacher appreciation all year long! This is a no strings attached gift for teachers to buy themselves a gift and is strictly just to say thank you for your hard work in education!
To see our previous teacher drawings, please visit our instagram page here.
For wholesale pricing, please email us for more information at chalkboardcandleco@gmail.com!